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SOS S | 2.0.9

SOSS is being uploaded as I type. Expect to see links popping up in the downloads section soon: ROM Downloads

Instead of updating the changelog (since this is a completely new ROM), just head over to the new SOSS page to learn about the included features: SOS S Page

Below is a YouTube video that will show you what to do once you install SOSS:


SOS V Public Beta | SOS S Private Soak Test

SOS V Public Beta

For anyone looking to check out a super stock ROM, SOS V is all ready to go and check over at XDA. This does not require a password.


SOS S Private Soak Test

This test is now closed. But, it is making a ton of progress and is getting SOS S closer to the public beta stage.


The Soak Testers are going to be receiving bits and pieces of SOS X over the next week or so as we build a public beta for SOS X.

After Public Betas

The ROMs will be pngopted and odexed and both the deodex and the odex version will be released. Hopefully we will have all of the themes updated at that point.

Having fun doing great things,


SOS S Soak Test – CLOSED

If you want to help the future of SOS, send your email to swaggedoutrom[at]gmail.com. 

I will send you an email with more details. 

P.S.: The alpha isn’t quite ready yet… But it will be soon. Hurry! Spots are filling up!

SOS X, S, V Release Imminent

The final touches are going in to all versions of the ROM. I currently am preparing for a HUGE midterm on Wednesday morning. After that, I am going full steam ahead into the release. If things go as planned, we should have final releases ready soon. If final releases are not prepared in time, Team Swag will strive to release betas by the weekend. This is not a promise… just an expectation 😉



Latest sneak peak of SOSX from Team Swag.

Easiest way to install MetaMorph themes.

All of it can be found here: How to use ZipThemer to install MetaMorph themes