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Where is swagstr?

Swag Nation,

I am writing you from Japan where my summer internship is taking place. I have hit some turmoils that has seriously impacted the SOS ROMs. First, there is no internet in my living situation. Next, my laptop cord BROKE. Yeah, I didn’t know they could break either.

However, I have reached out to Team Swag and hopefully development will continue again shortly.

Thanks for your patience in the mean time.


SOS M | VER 2.0

Everyone in Swag Nation with an EVO 3D, be sure to check out the latest update to Swagg3D Out Stock (aka SOS M): HERE

New features in VER 2.0:

  • Updated to MeanROM ICS v2.0
  • Updated MeanROM Boot Animation in Aroma
  • Fixed ROM version number in System Settings
  • Added optional ICS status bar theme for HTC status bars (Under Misc.)
  • Fixed the status bar disappearing when selecting LeeDroid

There’s also a new status bar theme, be sure to check that out as well on page 2 of the SOS M Site.