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[MODULE] Browser Module VER 1.0 | [HOW TO] [ASOP] Browser+Prime.apk

This is the Browser Module which is located at the bottom of this post. The rest of the post is dedicated to Browser+Prime.apk. This APK is the Sense 4+ Browser – titled “Internet” in your app drawer. We will be dissecting this APK today and also adding a little Swag. Keep reading for some ASOP (All Swagged Out Project) greatness.


Below is the stock APK straight from HTC, no optimizations or customizations made. Use this as a reference when you break down your Browser+Prime.apk.

Download – Browser+Prime.apk [Stock]


This APK has gone through the gauntlet. PNGs have been optimized, resources have been decompressed, language files (except English and Spanish) have been removed and smali’s debugging has been erased. This leaves you with the slimmest APK possible. Today’s optimization saved you: 1.8 MB. This is the APK all of our mods will be based off of – remember, this still is stock function.

Download – Browser+Prime.apk [Optimized]


[2-in-1] 16 Tabs and Debug Settings Options

This is a classic mod that has been added to the Sense browser since Sense 1.0. By default, the Sense browser only allows a limited number of tabs. This mod allows your browser up to 16 tabs – do you really need more? The other mod allows for a debug menu and more advanced settings. The favorite feature is under Settings > Debug > User Agent. This allows you to trick the browser into thinking you are not using an Android phone.

The file you need to modify is a smali file located here:


Below is a difference of the two files. Stock is on the left, modified is on the right. You can also download the files below (stock is top, modified is bottom). Remember to always use Notepad++ or equivalent when editing smali files. Pushable APK also included.


Download – BrowserSettings.smali [Stock Optimized]

Download – BrowserSettings.smali [Modified] | APK


The next mod is the incorporation of FAPPLE. FAPPLE is an excellent mod brought to the 3.15 OTA by steel25. This only makes Browser+Prime.apk ready for FAPPLE, more can be found on FAPPLE HERE.

[FAPPLE Source]

There are two files you need to modify, the first smali file is located here:


Below is a difference of the two files. Stock is on the left, modified is on the right. Remember to always use Notepad++ or equivalent when editing smali files.


Notice that lines 1328 (on left and right), 1340 (on right), 1349 (on left) and 1358 (on right) are only one line – even though they are shown as two lines.

Download – ReadLaterScreenActivity.smali [Stock Optimized]

Download – ReadLaterScreenActivity.smali [FAPPLE-Ready]

The second smali file is located here:


There are a lot of modifications to this file. Instead of showing them all, both smali files will be uploaded.

Download – IntentHandler.smali [Stock Optimized]

Download – IntentHandler.smali [FAPPLE-Ready]

Pushable APKs are also included.

Download – Browser+Prime.apk [FAPPLE-Ready]

Download – Browser+Prime.apk [Tabs, Debug Settings Menu, FAPPLE-Ready]


This is a combination of all the mods in an AROMA Installer flashable .zip. You can install this with the ROM (after VER 0.8) or separately. It is recommended you are running rEVOLTEd, but this Module should work all 3.15 OTA ROMs (unless Browser+Prime.apk has been renamed). If you have compatibility issues, delete Browser.apk (in /system/app) and push the Stock Optimized APK (click APK next to link below to download) to /system/app. Then use the module 😀

Download – Browser Module | APK

Revolt Against A Stock EVO


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