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Dual Remap Dock

Starting with SWAG FLU H1N1 (v1., Swagged Out Stock has a sweet feature (thanks to tommytomatoe) that allows you to redirect or “remap” the the left and the right buttons on your dock. This is a really exciting because because SOS and The EVO Classic are the only two Sense 1.0 HTC EVO 4G ROMs to have this feature. Skip after the break to see the how-to.

By default, the HTC Sense dock looks something like this:

With an APPS | PHONE | PERSONALIZE button orientation.

Some users may have noticed that SWAG FLU contains a new dock that sports the PHONE | APPS | PERSONALIZE configuration. This is more practical because you are generally going to want to open your app drawer more than you are going to make phone calls.

Remapping allows you to change the left and the right buttons in this configuration. If you text more, replace the Phone button with Messages. Don’t add widgets to your home screen all day? Switch the right button to your browser, Facebook, voice search… whatever!

Now, how do we remap these buttons? We’ll go over that after the break.



A Quick Note on MetaMorph Themes

Just so ya know… When you download a MetaMorph theme… Don’t rename it. Don’t even let it get the swagged_out_theme (1).zip going. The file needs to have it’s exact name or it won’t work and give the error “.xml file missing or invalid.”

Hopefully that helps 😉


The new update is up!

To download: here.

The changelog: here.

Be sure to hit the refresh button in the bottom left of your SOS App to get the latest SOS App update. Also, you need to click “See original story” to actually download any of the themes.

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Ads on the blog

Other the past few months, there have been a lot of ads on the side of the blog. Recently, you may have noticed that the ads disappeared. One day, I woke up and thought to myself… I f—in’ hate ads, I bet you guys do too.

Unfortunately, since occasional donations and ads are the only things keeping Team Swag from starving, the ads remained.

However, in a move that has stopped money from flowing into Team Swag’s offices… the ads have been removed.


Swagged Out Update

v1.9.0.8 is coming very soon!

There are going to be a lot changes coming in the next few days. Looking forward to implementing these. Hope you guys are excited as us at Team Swag are!!!