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In honor of the SOS blog reaching 100,000 page views, I have decided to release the SOS App for public release.DOWNLOAD (no password necessary)

Remember, this app is 100% stable, but it is not 100% complete.

The app currently has four tabs: News (which gets its content from this blog), Themes (which gets its content from the Themes page on this blog – which is out of date BTW), Q&A (which hasn’t really been touched yet), and BETA Themes – No DLs yet (which is what the final Themes section will look like – and yes, there are no downloads… yet).

The point of this app is simple, I’m not Sprint, I can’t send you a text if something is wrong with your phone. However, I have been running this blog to keep you all updated with the latest Swagged Out news. Originally, this app was simply going to be a way for you all to stay up to date without having to search the internet to find this page first.



Swagged Out Review

Blogger, Evo User, has posted a video review of the latest version of Swagged Out Stock. If you have ever been hesitant about checking out the ROM and want to see all of the features in action – this is the perfect video for you. Another big surprise is coming soon to all of you SOS users out there. Prepare yourselves.

Battery Life Concerns

We all have had different experiences with our battery. This is what my EVO looked like today. As you can see, lots and lots of use. This is the stock battery, btw… I can squeeze a lot more out of my 3500mAh extended battery.

Here’s my setup:

  • SOS v1.9.0.7 (Swag = ON)
  • Lithid’s Freedom v0.9 Less
  • CPU: 768MHz/245MHz
  • Governor: InteractiveX
  • RAM Tweak: Juwe11’s built-in
  • Task Killer: none
  • Clock speed app: No Frills CPU Control
  • Usage: Heavy (games, lots of Tapatalk, occasional Googling, etc.)

What’s your battery life like? Post your setup and results in the comments below.