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Stable release coming in minutes!


Just a teaser…

Trying to get some new screenshots of SOS up. Feedback please!

v1.9.0.5 RC2.2

Well, we’ve gone through a rocky road these last couple releases thanks to the instability of Superuser (an app all of us rooted users rely on). Luckily, the app has been stabilized. RC2.2 has updated both the app and the Superuser binary for the user. Also note, as an added bonus, Swag = ON users will notice a new bottom bar on the notification pulldown. We hope you like it, as you will see, this does make the ROM look much more professional.

Hang in there SOS users! Big updates are right around the corner (about 2-4 weeks). Until then, enjoy this mandatory update.

– swagstr


Not gonna lie, I haven’t tested this ROM out. If it doesn’t boot, re-flash RC2. Do let me know your results though.

ROM Manager and RC2.1

So I know a lot of you guys out there use ROM Manager to keep up to date with SOS. Unfortunately, their servers are having some issues working right now. Feel free to head over to the downloads section to manually download the latest update.

Also, SOS is receiving a very minor update that can be flash right over RC1 or RC2.1. All it does is very Superuser back to the really old version (that had ZERO problems). So yeah, I know that’s an important app, so I figured I would fix it.


What’s up with Superuser!?

Dear SOS Users,

All right. This is definitely the biggest issue facing the SOS ROM right now… AND IT ISN’T EVEN ROM-RELATED. Boo! (That wasn’t meant to scare you, I’m just pissed lol)

In RC2, I only included the latest release of Superuser (because I though it was “fixed”). Now, you can’t use the uninstall update fix (since it is not “fixed”). So, I offer you all two choices to fix your Superuser woes:

  1. (You may want to clear data first) In Superuser: Preferences > Automatic Response > Allow > Done 🙂 – or – 
  2. Permanent solution (kinda): Flash this and flash this at the same time. This will get you the classic Superuser (that doesn’t suck). (First file is the Superuser app, the second is it’s bin file)

Hope this helps guys!

And thanks for your continued support of Swagged Out Stock!

– Team Swag

v1.9.0.5 RC2

New release! Both Swag = ON and Swag = OFF. Enjoy!