"A flashaholics worst nightmare."

Big Day for Swag Nation!

Haven’t posted on the blog in awhile but I knew this would be the best place to post all this. 

First, SOS M, the new version of SOS for the HTC EVO 3D has just been updated to VER 1.8

Next, the SOS Forums saw a HUGE transformation today to the vBulletin platform. This means that you can add the SOS Forum to Tapatalk and get Swagged Out questions answered from your EVO. Be sure to re-register and check out the BRAND NEW SOS Forum now.

Finally, a new feature for the HTC EVO 3D was introduced – SOS ODEX! This is a quick script written for PCs to ODEX and DEODEXED ROM. An EVO 4G version will be released shortly when the next, slimmer version of SOS X/S/N for the HTC EVO 4G. 

Coming soon includes more updates to SOS M and the lead up to the final release of SOS X/S/N. Hang tight Swag Nation!


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